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Shaun Kosijer, web & prepress design This is how I look If you’re too lazy to read the text on the right page...
  • I an an enthusiastic
  • creative
  • hardworking
  • loyal
  • and positive
  • non-smoking person
  • with big experience in web
  • and prepress/publishing design,
  • video and photo editing
  • creating multimedia,
  • system administrating
  • and resolving problems in computer systems
  • Profile
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education
  • More...

Professional Profile

I am an enthusiastic, open-minded and professional Graphic and Web Designer with great experience in the Printing and Brand Marketing Industries, Web Design and Web Technologies, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. Quick-learner with a very positive and professional attitude which allows me to grasp new ideas and concepts quickly, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I'm able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively. Non-smoking person able to overwork if job requires. Good ability, aquired in advertising works, to analyse and build the psychological profile of the client in purpose of meeting their needs.


Now, I am looking to build on my extensive range of technical skills within a suitable challenging role. Looking forward to enhance further professional development and with clearly defined objective of unleashing the boundaries that limit my creativity and knowledge and also the limits of the country where I'm not able to give my best. Ready to prove myself over the Internet, if its needed, to make the first step in bigger engagements and assure employmers that there is no doubt about their decision.

Web & Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the program which probably follows me every day, on every place in last 14 years. It doesn't matter if I am on holiday, editing photos or at work or I'm just at home and designing some invitation for me or my friends, Photoshop is always around. The first version I used was v4.0 and every other version I waited with lots excitement and after widely exploited. During the time I found myself completely working with shortcuts. I am in process of preparing some tutorials which I will put on youtube soon.

Adobe Illustrator

As a hardcore Corel Draw user, it was hard to me to accept Illustrator as a main vector editing tool. But in last 6-7 years, since Adobe started with releasing Creative Suite collections I was "forced" to start using it. Now I'm enjoying its tools almost as Photoshop's.

Adobe Flash (ActionScript 2)

Sometimes I regret because I started and stayed on ActionScript v2, but actually I can't find any common problem which can't be resolvable with this version. Sometimes it's a full Flash sites, but usually it just help me to give life to some parts of the site or make some banners.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Whoever worked with HTML/CSS editing knows that it is impossible to work in WYSIWYG systems. If you ask me, Dreamweaver is mostly used as HTML editor. Almost never turning Design Mode. On the other side, there is always free application as Notepad++ or Firebug add-on for FireFox which usually gives me better controling and making of preview of sites, so in quick "repairs" I usually do not turn on Dreamweaver at all.


Good experience with both & all new revisions.

Joomla/WordPress CMS

As a beginner, I usually used CMS systems as a easiest way to create websites. Now, I rather start from the blank, but still think that Joomla and WordPress can be very usefull if the clients need their own site managment.

osCommerce / VirtueMart

Several Shops made in this systems and many modifications in them. Very powerful CMSs for quick begining of online trade.

jQuery / JavaScript
Very Good

Still not perfect in this, but currently in the process of learning. Now I realize that many things I could do easier and without help of Adobe Flash.


Similar situation here. Without these two, today it's hard to say that you are in web designing & developing.


Many texts read on these theme. But I am sure that I know how to optimize code for web crawlers, how to submit sites and, of course, ways to bring it closer to top of the search engines. Google Analytics and Web Master Tools are my familiar enviroments.


Adobe InDesign

Similar interface as in all other Adobe's products makes experienced user to easy get throught it. Was same for me.

Quark XPress
Very Good

I've used it for a year.


My first vector software and first graphic software generally I've started using it when version 6 appeared 16 years ago. Finding myself very proficient in this, but I am using it less frequently lately since Adobe Illustrator started to be my main software for vector drawing. Anyway I still think that some things could be easier done in CorelDRAW.

Creo's Preps

Very expensive and not so much used imposition software. During my career I used it for fast and good book imposing and preparing print plates for imaging.


Adobe After Effects

One of my first love in life are movie special effects. But I went in some other direction. Anyway, I had chance to work with this Adobe's product and to do some simple projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

During my filmmaking phase, I've used Premiere Pro for video editing. I found it as a simplified version of Photoshop for moving images. As in all other Adobe's product, very experienced and very proficient with interface.

Adobe Encore

Very simple piece of software, but very powerful in combination with other Adobe's product, for DVD authorizing. Done plenty of DVD menus in it.

3D Studio MAX

Also one of my first loves. Maybe not so good in animation, but for modelling and texturing, I'm far better then average user.

MS Office

And without Microsoft's most popular office suite of application, I didn't want to finish this list. Anyway, I had experience in working with it starting from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, over the Access and Publisher, then to making some simple VB scripts for extending their capabilities.

The list is not definite. There are many applications which expand my abilities and make my work faster and easier like many Photoshop plugins (Alien Skin Xenofex, Eye Candy 4000, Noise Ninja, some AV Bros plugins etc.), Acrobat plugins (Quite Imposing and Box of Tricks and unsurpassed Enfocus PitStop) or software for video editing (TMPEGenc, Virtual Dub), or little helping graphic tools like Cool 3D, everyday file manager Total Commander (which I have been using since DOS version), font managers as Extensis Suitcase, Abby FineReader for the best OCR results, software for sound editing, system care and many others.
In the end - It's not so much the software, as the talent behind it. However, I am extremely keen and willing to undertake any further training in order to develop and improve on my existing skills and experience.

06-2000 - 09-2010
BG Advertising

Monthly advertising magazine in Belgrade. Offering advertising in forms of TV advertising, newspaper adverts, company memorandums, company calendars, business cards, posters, billboards and many other. During the 10 years of the its business the company has never received any complaints, always meeting the schedules and deadlines, achieved by my imposing discipline and management to ensure punctuality and dedication of the workforce. I worked as a part of the whole system (commercialist, designer, delivery system organization). Required the big assistence of IT Skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office products. Established good relationships with other colleagues and Partners in the business as well as clients who recommended my advertising services to other companies.

02-2001 - 02-2002
Color Foto

I started to work as a professional photo editor in the biggest Belgrade Photo Shop. In that time Adobe Photoshop reached the version 5.0 and definitely became the best software for image editing. My job was to retouch the photos, adjust the color balance, sharpening details and very often to have challenges such making skin softer on models photography, removing or adding elements or persons on the scene, making people (usually Serbian celebrities) younger, adding the hair, removing dewlaps and flattening the faces. That position enabled me to met the first generations of digital cameras, professional photography and learn the best tricks from the greatest Belgrade photographers.

07-2002 - 10-2003

Belgrade's printing company orientated on business cards, memorandums, accounts etc. First touch with techonology of printing on T-shirts, lighters, pens. That company also was specialized in badge production.

10-2003 - 07-2007

One of the biggest Design Studio in Belgrade. Works with Delta company, Banca Intesa, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Serbia, FedEx, BFPE (Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence) and some big Serbian companies like GSP (City Transport), Partner-inzenjering, EUnet etc. My job consisted of graphic design, packaging design, working with film and CTP technologies, inventing interesting promo-materials (like changeable mousepads, cube-notebooks, exclusive envelopes, unusual boxes etc.)

08-2007 - 09-2008
Novi krov

The main Serbian advertising company. Publishing two weekly magazines - one for car selling and the other for selling real estates. Worked like the main operator in the graphic studio where I showed my abilities to lead the team and organize the work. I rebranded both of the magazines giving them new look & feel. Also I helped on site creating and logical structuring.

02-2009 - 05-2010
Repro studio

Company with very long tradition in printing industry. Founded meny decades ago since it worked with old scanners for filming, but now, with hi-tech equipment stands for the best graphic studio which offers, beside designing, CTP technology services. Among the creative works, my duty was also to prepare files for print plates, imposing books, working with RIP etc.

06-2010 - 01-2011
GeTeI Design

Located in the center of the Belgrade, the graphic studio with very busy enviroment. Oriented to print and web design. Working mostly with clients who had short terms as their priority. Probably the most dynamic and most interesting work place in my career. Quit working due the relocating in Britain.

from 2009
Serbian Orthodox Church

Worked on several projects for them. The biggest one was multimedia presentation on CD done in Adobe Flash about life and work of our late patriarch Pavle, Head of The Serbian Orthodox Church. Tha last one was a photographing, stitching and creating the virtual presentation with 360-degree panoramas for Serbian Monastery Fenek

Education And Training Attainments

2008 Course of hand drawing and sketching

2008 Training for Computer Network Systems and Installing VoIP devices in Balkan VoIP Company

2007 Adobe Flash training course by Istok (Belgrade)

2006-2007 Belgrade Academic Film Center – Film Directing Course

2005 Blind Typing Course

1999-2001 Belgrade University of Technical Science – area: New Computer Science
Sample modules: Applicative Software (AutoCAD and MS Office), Databases (MS Access and MySQL), Hardware (Printers and Power units), Multimedia Software (HTML, Flash), Programming (C++), Networking, Operating Systems, Math etc.
Graduated on Multimedia Designing.

1995-1999 Electrotechnical High School
Graduated from Analogue-Digital Conversions

  • During my professional career I had the opportunity to work with some very famous world's and Serbian brands which gave me their unconditional trust earned during my work for them. Some of them are: Serbian Orthodox Church, USAID, Mercedes Benz, Handball Union of Serbia, EUnet, Pharmanova, Pexim, Modni studio Gajić, BFPE, Banca Intesa, Delta Generali, FedEx Srbija, Apple in Serbia and many more.
  • I was involved in the editing and publishing of a school magazine when I was 15 years old and since then i found out that I have creative flare when it comes to graphic design. That job let me have the first touch with vector drawing (in that time very popular Corel Draw 6) and bitmap editing (Adobe Photoshop 4.0).
  • My experience and love for photography brought me right to the top of Desktop publishing. The combination of vector graphic knowledge and bitmap editing software made printing theory easily accessible and very soon made me confident enough in the eyes of my employers to make my tasks more challengeable (from business cards, one-color forms, simple flyers to brochures, billboards, catalogues, package, etc).
  • I designed City Transport tickets which were in use for 4 years and many people found that their design really represented the image of Belgrade. Tickets were in everyday use by 3 million commuters.
  • If the project gives me more freedom in design, I like to use unusual designs. The best example is the tour campaign of the band I used to play with. The unique image of the tickets, posters and flyers had more attention than our music! The booklet for our demo CD was a big hit too. Parodying the bands which represented the genre of music we played, people immediately knew what kind of product they were buying.
  • Another exhibitionist type of work was on Movie Directing course which I finished few years ago. For promoting the final graduating works in that school I made the posters and also a little exibition in the cinema hall with screenshots from movies, describing the plot and presenting the authors. I made DVD (with designed menus in Adobe Encore) with prints on disk layout, DVD covers and little brochures in it. My movie was the winner in the class selection. I made the documentary movie about my bend, where I used a lot of static photos which was specially adapted to follow the visual style of whole movie.
  • I worked with some of the biggest companies in Serbia as well as worldwide where the jobs were strictly defined following the corporate identity manual. I have always met the criteria and delivered to the highest standards. I also assisted to less experienced employees on press machines to successfully find adequate color replacement if the color producer is not presented in the region.
  • In my career I made many corporate logos. SPAUST logo for Italian company, SKZ MERANO for Serbo-Italian and NDS Cartrends logo for German seller are the some of my favorite.
  • I've created the official multimedia disk about life and work of our late patriarch Pavle, Head of The Serbian Orthodox Church.
  • Working in desktop publishing requires at least knowing something about the relations in costs between materials. The prices may differ from seller to seller, but in case when I have all needed information I can calculate the final price and approximately time needed to finish the job. I am able to find the best solution to lower the costs and if the client is unsure what is the best solution for his company I am able to present the items which will affect the price in positive or negative way. If I have access to company stock, I am able to decide what of the goods are scarce and to make right order according to the needs
  • In previous period I have worked with all type of design, starting from simple corporate styles with block objects, over the colorfully and childish look to specific styles like grungy and dirty arts or, now very popular, floral, pattern designs. Since I finished a course of hand drawing it helps me expand my creativity more and in the case I need clipart or sketch I can do it by myself. In the same way I can adapt the designs to the type of press and to variation of surface. I have usually worked with the most often types of printing - screen and offset. But I also have experience with other types like relief print (which I still like to use for getting luxuries effects), etc. I expertise making the paper die cut forms for creating boxes and other types of packaging.
  • It is my belief that I possess very good communication skills and have the ability to communicate with individuals on all levels, irrespective of their age, cultural background, differences etc. I enjoy working as part of a team and am of the opinion that the skills and experiences of each individual only serve to enhance team performance and in doing so create and maintain an efficient and effective team. It is also my opinion that a crucial part of my role is to value and respect the contributions and opinions of my colleagues and to demonstrate a high level of respect at all times. I consider myself to be a team player and enjoy working as part of the team as well as using my own initiative.
  • One of my favorite hobbies is photographing. I like the play of shadows, highlighting in dark ambient and experimenting with long exposition. I was the official photographer to several Belgrade music bends and photographing of live concerts and shows is my biggest passion. I have a small studio at home where I get good diffuse lightning with one box two lamps and a few papers. With small handy tripod and my digital camera I am able to make pictures which look like they were made in a professional studios.
  • I am very proficient in computer hardware, detecting failures, replacing the parts of the system and installing new hardware. I've never had problems with hardware usage and I have a lot of experience with scanner and printers in range of home to professional. Also I am able to adjust setting to make hardware work the best optimized and to give the best results (calibrating devices, adjusting descreen options, setting the tone curve etc). Also, I have expanded knowledge of computer networking and setting up small office network (LAN).
  • I have been interested in IT since I was 7 years old (in 1987 I started with ZX Spectrum) and that knowledge and experience enables me to easy resolve and define any problem which can be found in computer systems.
  • I have high skills in Multimedia area (combining graphic, video and sound in interactive presentations). Wide range of knowledge and theory in any aspect of digital graphic, video and sound and also understanding and having experience with 3D Design, Programming, Database applications, Hardware, Electronics and many hours behind me in experimenting with new information technologies.
  • I play the bass-guitar
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

All you needed to know about this site.
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Why is this site so big and it takes a lot of time for loading?

This is one-page website with 9 sub-sections. Same situation as you have to load every page, picture and other file of some 9-page site at once. And, of course, it is full of media.

Is it finished?

Unforunately, no. I've recently moved to UK leaving my backups and now I'm trying to fetch my works from emails, clients etc.

Are you planning to put more contents?

Yes, as you can see photo and pre-press sections aren't finished yet. And I'm planning to put few more things here to make it more interesting.

What things?

Well... More interactive elements and probably some flash animations. It depends to how much it overweight my site.

Is it everything you've done in finished sections?

No! Not even close. But as I said, I did many things to some special occasions or to some special person. I guess it wouldn't be interesting to you. Also, I've done, for example, several web-sites few years ago, but now I see some beginners mistakes and I don't want to "ashamed" with that.

Are you planning to optimize the code little bit. It is really messy.

Yes. When the moment comes when I may say "I put all I want here" I'll take a care about a code. Brush it up, remove some unused styles, maybe split sections to external file called with PHP's "include", probably add AJAX to load content on request etc. Please, be patient.

Is Shaun you real name?

No. My real name is Nebojša /nebɔɪʃa/, but I took Shaun as easier to pronaunce and it is similar to my nickname I had (Shone).

Why this site is not made in Web 2.0 standards?

I think that Web 2.0 design knows to limit creativity. Yes, I could made another clean, minimalistic, pastel colored web site with fine light gradients, but I wanted, as any other designer, to create something unusual.

Is it optimized for every browser?

I know it's working in all recent versions of existing browsers for computers. I've also tried on Android Phone but it didn't work well. Also there is some features which won't show same in all browsers, like The Main Menu on the top where sliding effect doesn't work in Chrome/Safari. Also some rollovers with transparencies do not display correctly in IE so I disable it.

What's with resolution?

I've done it in 1280x1024, but also I know it works in all other resolutions. Anyway - higher resolutions = more empty spaces, but I couldn't avoid that.

What did you want with this site?

To present my skills, show my work, provide more information about me and leave my future client or employer breathless. :)

How long it took to create all this

About 3 weeks of work by now, started from scratch.

I think your site is very good.

Glad to hear, but please send me your opinion. More compliments I recieve, more motivation I have.

  • Krokus Bor
  • Kiko brod
  • Svetlost medju nama
  • GeTeI stampa
  • ASW
  • Lake Explorer
  • Gay Mreza
  • Shiva Automotive
  • SKZ Merano
  • Aerosol slane sobe
  • Denny and Crane Real Estate
  • Medikunion
  • DJ Maestro
  • Alhemik
  • Mera Paisje
  • Monastery Fenek
  • Stari prijatelj
  • WD Taylor
Krokus Bor (2011)
Krokus Bor
Photoshop Dreamweaver jQuery
Kiko Brod (2009)
Kiko brod Kiko brod Kiko brod Kiko brod Kiko brod Kiko brod
Photoshop Illustrator Flash
Svetlost među nama (2010)
N/A (Multimedia Disc)
Intro Animation Inside Overview
Photoshop Illustrator Flash ActionScript
GeTeI Štampa (2010)
GeTeI Štampa GeTeI Štampa
Photoshop Dreamweaver Illustrator Flash jQuery
ASW (2007)
Photoshop Dreamweaver
Lake Explorer (2006)
GTI Štampa
Photoshop Dreamweaver Illustrator jQuery
Gay Mreža (2009)
Gay Mreža Gay Mreža
Photoshop Dreamweaver
Shiva Automotive (2007)
Shiva Automotive Shiva Automotive
Photoshop jQuery CMS
SKZ Merano (2010)
SKZ Merano
Photoshop Illustrator jQuery CMS
Slana soba Aerosol (2010)
Slana soba Aerosol
Photoshop Dreamweaver jQuery
Denny & Crane Real Estate (2010)
Denny & Crane Real Estate
Photoshop Dreamweaver Illustrator Flash jQuery
Medikunion (2008)
DJ Maestro (2007)
DJ Maestro DJ Maestro DJ Maestro
Photoshop Flash
Alhemik doo (2008)
Photoshop jQuery CMS
Mera Paisje (2007)
Mera Paisje
Photoshop Flash
Monastery Fenek (2011)
Monastery Fenek Monastery Fenek
Stari prijatelj (2011)
Stari prijatelj
Photoshop Flash jQuery
W.D. Taylor (2011)
W.D. Taylor - Plumbing and Heating ltd W.D. Taylor - Plumbing and Heating ltd W.D. Taylor - Plumbing and Heating ltd W.D. Taylor - Plumbing and Heating ltd W.D. Taylor - Plumbing and Heating ltd
Photoshop jQuery

InfoMy latest website. Clean and glossy design.


DislikeStill not finished. I'm waiting for the rest of the texts, photos etc.

InfoThis was supposed to be my "masterpiece", but in the end it finished with average design and plenty of wasted working hours. The site was made for the children playground and day nursery which look alike a pirate ship with the main pirate Kiko the Kid.
Everything started with this picture which was printed on the one of the walls. My idea was to create interactive animation with the character and elements from the picture which will be attractive to the children. Characters were supposed to talk and interact with the user and the story should make you to click on the boat where the main presentation starts. The drawing of the inside rooms look like the real rooms, but had that pirate atmosphere. Unfortunately, in the middle of the project my client changed his mind and requested to make the website which is similar to this one. I don't know why he did that, but in the end I've just made another "web 1.0" site with some flash elements.
Anyway, I've uploaded The First and Second version just to show what I meant.

LikeFlash animations

DislikeOK, it's not so bad, but first of all, the whole style of this site, then, terrible music in the beginning and, of course, quitting up from the first version

InfoThe Website I've started to do for my ex company. Besides the designing the site, I made some tutorials for preparing the files for press. Also, I converted PDF Catalogues to web visible flash animation (curly note paper in the top right corner) with the FlipBook software.

LikeTable stylization

DislikeMissing contents, banners on the right side (these are not mine)

InfoCorporate designed site for software developing company. Not online anymore, but I saved the template which I sent to them.

InfoThe company for lake suctioning where I also designed the logo for them.

LikeOne of my first successful web-sites done in 2006

DislikeOptimized for the 800x600. Today, it could be little bit wider

InfoIt should be the first Serbian social site for gay population. I made the design, but the site was closed before it stared to work. Now, the domain is expired and I guess it will never be online.

LikeDesign. I had one strict rule about avoiding the pink color and first, I was afraid I won't achieve the effect in that way, but it look good in the end

DislikeIt has never been online

InfoWeb site for the first Serbian car tuning online shop. I used osCommerce CMS system as a base and I made many modifications to its look.

LikeMany things I learned about PHP, databases and other web techniques through this site

DislikeIt is CMS system, which means the user can upload pictures and modify particular parts of the site. That's the reason why this site now has that "feeling" of cluttered. But, that's not my fault :)

WARNING: The provider who hosts this site now has some difficulties with hack attacks and probably you're seeing the warning about "Attack Page". I hope the situation will be resolved in near future.

InfoI've designed many things for this company. From logo, over the dozens of fliers, business cards, posters etc. Now we're working on web site which is still under construction. It's a CMS system because it's needed to be occasionally updated by several users. Sneak preview can be viewed here.

InfoAnother example how the incompetent client can ruin the site. It supposed to be simple site with few pages. But then the client insisted to put the address in heading and titles in menu in that unreadable decorative font and the blurry picture of his kid as a header image. Also, the gallery is full of bad photos. All in all, bad site with good start.

LikeCalm design

DislikeAddress in header, picture in header, big elements, big and unappropriate fonts, bad pictures in gallery etc.

InfoSite for selling real estates. Simple design connected with database with their flats and houses. Also, they have simple admin panel for data input.

InfoProbably the simplest site I've ever made and probably made in less then one hour. Why is it done in Flash? Well, it was, as I said, very urgent work. I had only Adobe Flash in that moment available and that's it.

LikeSmall tabs on the right side for language change

DislikeIt would be better it's in HTML

InfoOnline catalogue of exclusive clothing.

LikeSite loading animation

DislikeToday, I would probably do it in HTML, or at least I would put the fullscreen button

InfoJoomla site for the company which represents a Bulgarian manufacturer. I used Joomla because the site should have user's updating on regular basis.

InfoAlbanian company for selling refurbished appliances. Simple online gallery of products which can be easily later updated through the one XML file.

InfoVirtual presentation of Serbian Orthodox Monastery. Just a part of the main site.

LikeSliding map on the bottom of the screen

InfoPresentation for Serbian Nursery.

LikeColors and Design

DislikeBlinking elements

InfoSometimes it know to be a real problem having a lots of pictures and texts and put it all together with good visibility. But on the other side, the same problem is with the leck of elements. I've got only few sentences for this site and one image. These are some mockups I've sent to my client with the final version.

LikeSimplicity, AJAX contact form

DislikeMaybe larger font, but otherwise it would be little empty

InfoThis is not web-site. It is official multimedia disc presentation about Serbian late Patriarch Pavle. Actually, it is done as web presentation, but due the amount of data, Serbian Orthodox Church decided to distribute this on disc with very beautiful cover. Click on the first thumbnail to see intro animation or click to second one to have a look on its content

The videos inside do not represent all of my work. I've made many videos for my friends and family and I didn't want to put 'em here because it won't be interesting to any other person. Also, I've done many video edits for others. Some of them are online and if you want I can send you links. Click on the button below for begin.

Paper Paper